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1. Condition

  • [1]. Recognize the brand and business philosophy of Orui Green, have a positive career spirit.
  • [2]. Have certain resources in this industry or society.
  • [3]. Have capital ability that pays the intention cooperation fund or deposit, have the good prestige.
  • [4]. Have land that could built houses, and at least one sample house need to built locally.
  • [5]. Experience in distribution network, steel structure, construction, decoration, home furniture, hotel and other relate industries, that will have top priority to join.

2. Joining policy

  • [1]. Franchisees are divided into A (county city level) and B (individual) level. For A, there is regional protection according to national administrative region division. Each county city only designates one A Franchisees. For B, there is no limit on qty.
  • [2]. A franchisees need accept direct management from ORUI headquarters. And need provide installation and after-sales service for B franchisees in the region.
  • [3]. All franchisees will got 30% discount under ORUI market guide price.
  • [4]. If franchisees achieve the annual target task, will enjoy the corresponding target rebate. And if achieve the appointed after-sales service task, will have rebate too. Rebate will pay in the end of the year.
  • [5]. Introduce to join: Introducer could enjoy 0.01% of the sales value which produced by Introduced team/individual. But only could enjoy one time’s rebate.
  • [6]. Deposit can be refunded without interest after one year.

3. Enjoy right

  • As a ORUI franchisee, will enjoy below right from ORUI headquarter:
  • [1]. Enjoy product’s program and regional agency or listing rights.
  • [2]. Enjoy developed dividends which come from product’s program update continually.
  • [3]. Enjoy support from ORUI R&D, supply chain management and sales.
  • [4]. In cooperation period, could enjoy ORUI patent technology.
  • [5]. Free access to promotional data and training.
  • [6]. For big project, headquarter will give support and assist on planning, canvass business and running.
  • [7]. Enjoy subsidy in advertising costs.
  • [8]. Have opportunity to integrate into ORUI development ecosystem, and obtain more developing opportunities and capital appreciation.

4. Joining process

  • Joining communication
  • Headquarter Evaluation
  • Sign intention agreement
  • Pay RMB20,000 deposit
  • Sign official joining cooperation agreement
  • Sampling housing construction
  • Business management support

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