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ORUI Green Building Mall

Relying on the strong background of the group, it forms seven core advantages

01Strong corporate strength

Relying on the Group's nearly 20 years of experience in construction and steel structure, it has professional contracting qualifications for construction engineering, steel structure engineering, decoration and decoration engineering, electronics and intelligent engineering, waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation engineering.

02Professional talent team

Marketing, brand, R&D, design, supply chain, production and installation are all equipped with high-precision professional talents. The posts are interlocked and cooperated to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services.

03Strong technical research and development capabilities

The company has more than ten national invention patents, and has long been engaged in industry-university-research cooperation with major domestic design institutions, colleges and construction experts to form an experienced and technically competent professional technical team.

04Rich product range

It has three series of light steel structure integrated houses, creative container houses and heavy steel structure buildings, covering a full range of prefabricated buildings in the fields of civil tourism, commercial, residential and high-rise buildings.

05Customized value-added services

Whether it is a single product or a turnkey solution, we provide a tailor-made product and service package, including indoor and outdoor decoration, personalized soft furnishings, smart home, energy-saving purification facilities, etc., to meet the full range of customer needs.

06Strong service support

The company has a strong design, supply chain, financial and other back-office service support resources, combined with the Internet +, using ERP, OA, mobile APP three sets of information systems to protect you.

07Standardized management system

The company has standardized internalization such as "Product Technology Training Guidance", "Marketing and Brand Management", "Customer Relationship Maintenance and Management", "Customer Service and Complaint Reception", "Project Operator Cooperation Agreement", "Partner Management Regulations" and so on. Management system.

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