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Guangdong Orui House Technology Co.,LTD

Founded in 2014, Guangdong Orui House Technology  Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Jingtai Group. It is a green architectural technology-based enterprise. Integrates in research, designing, production, assembly and supporting service of new fabricated buildings. Relying on around two decades of successful experience in the steel structure field of its parental company, the company has been dedicated to promotion and application of light steel structure integrated housing. With innovation, advanced technology, high quality and energy conservation and environment protection, to reach standardization, modularization and universalization of house building and large-scaled factory-like production.

The Company has over 200 staffs with area of over 90,000 square meters. It has established a completed supply chain that covering marketing, research and development, production, manufacturing, assembly construction and after-sales services. It truly realized one-stop solution for integrated housing business. With its novel exhibition model, qualified factory-like production, convenient 4S systematic service and new business operation mode, it played a vanguard role in integrated building industry in China.

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