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ORUI Green Building Mall

Product Advantage

  • 01Waterproof and moisture-proof
    Building roof apply with self-adhesive waterproof coiled material, can effectively prevent common water leakage problems. The inside of compound wall adopts breathing paper, outside water vapor can not enter, and moisture in the house can be discharged, these make waterproof and moisture-proof successfully.
  • 02Ecological environmental protection
    The assembly construction technology, basically use dry work, reduce construction waste and noise. And apply environmental protection material, no harm on human body, no pollution to environment, 70% of building materials can be recycled.
  • 03Safety and durability
    100 years structure safety design; High performance anticorrosive technology for structural steel bone and screw bolt; Self-repair function of the anticorrosive coating can ensure the main structure not to be corroded; Main body is assembled with screw bolts, and closely connected with the foundation to form a whole. The earthquake resistance can reach 9 degrees and resist gale of level 12.
  • 04High quality and effectively
    Factory have standardized production assembly method, accuracy up to millimeter, so building quality is guaranteed. It only need to assemble the standard components, then construction leadtime is more than 1 / 2 shorter than that of the traditional building.
  • 05Thermal insulation
    Double insulation technology of heat preservation and energy saving can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient. The unique design of hot reaction and ventilation inner-layer makes the better result of heat insulation, which ensure warm winter and cool summer.
  • 06Beautiful and practical
    Light steel architecture is suitable for American style, Chinese style, Modern style, European style and so on, with beautiful appearance and practical in use.
  • 07Sound-proofing and noise reduction
    All internal and external walls filled with sound insulation materials, which absorbs sound and noise better, ensures the perfect peace and privacy of each room. External wall sound insulation reach more than 55 db, and inner reach more than 52 db. That exceed the insulation standard of 5 star hotel.
  • 08Equipment compatibility
    Light steel building adopt digital design, take reasonable overall arrangement for equipment and pipe, using compound wall, flexible pipeline layout, so could compatible with all kinds of integrated equipment.

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