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ORUI Green Building Mall

European style-luxury villa

  • Area:Square:381.05 square meters

The first floor area of 197.39 square meters, the second layer area is 183.66 square meters.。
Structural style:Cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, structure service life of more than 50 years.
Appearance effect: light weight without losing stability, outside rigid and flexible combination, the overall level of architecture is rich, is popular with modern radical people.

64.99 ten thousand yuan per building

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The first floor is composed of 3 Living room,1 kitchen, 1 suite, 1 public toilet with Door head & hallway .

The second floor is composed of 3 suite & 1 living room, 1 of the 3 suite has balcony.

Standard configuration list (non-decorated house)


Structure & Material


  Strip-shaped base/Party A takes care of itself

  Main parts

  G550,Z275 zinc plating  / AZ 150 aluminum zinc plating

  External wall

  OSB/House Wrap/ Cement-fibre board/Lacquer/Culture brick

  Internal Wall

  Double-deck Gypsum board/ Cement-fiber board


  OSB/SBS-waterproof roll material
  /Double colored asphalt tile /Dutters falling water

  Windows &Doors

  Entry door /5+9A+5 Aluminum alloy window

  Water & electricity

  PPR waterpipe/ PVC drain-pipe/ distribution box /Copper core

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