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ORUI Green Building Mall



Roof System :

1. Unique mezzanine design, rain resistant, weather resistant, could provide natural feel for you.

2. Unique roof ventilation cycle design, could keep the air fresh at all times.

3. Excellent thermal insulation performance. With R30 soundproof cotton, the thermal resistance is up to 5.284 k / w, which is 75 times as high as 120-thick concrete roof (thermal resistance is 0.07k / w). 

Floor System :

1. Combination from OSB panel and GBS floor, which is strong and durable.

2. All kinds of pipelines are hidden in the floor, which can effectively save the utilization of the room.

3. Glass fiber insulation cotton was filled in interlayer, which sound insulation effect is more significant. 



Wall System :

1. The thickness of the wall is between 100-200mm, pipeline is hidden in the wall, space was saved in indoor.

2. Compared with ordinary brick-concrete structure or shear-wall structure residence, load-bearing wall and vice-wall of light steel structure are lighter and thinner, and it can increase 5- 10% usage area.

Basic System :

1. It could reduce the cost of basic engineering due to the light weight.

2. Ultra-light steel structure can be fixed on strip foundation, raft foundation or box foundation, with strong adaptability.

3. With moisture-proof design, it could effectively prevent moisture and harmful gases from invading.

4. Unique anchoring system could ensure efficient and reliable connection between the foundation and the main body.


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