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ORUI Green Building Mall

  • Light Steel Structure Building

    Housing building system that is formed after integrated production in factories and on-spot assembly. It has thin-walled cold-formed steel components as the basic structure, and new structural panel as the structural system that goes along with other thermal-insulation materials and decoration materials.


    Steel-wood Structure Building

    House with hybrid structure combining modern steel structure with traditional wood structure. Steel structural style is adopted for columns, girders and other stress-bearing components so that buildings carry traditional architectural styles and can be both durable and staunch.


    Container House

    A movable and reusable building product. With container as its basic unit, it can be used alone or can be formed into a spacious usable space through vertical and horizontal combinations. It can be laminated in the vertical direction.


    Large Steel Structure Building

    Girders, columns and pillars made of structural steel and steel plates constitute the bearing structure, which co-form an integrated building with such enclosure structures as roofs, floors and wall space. It is light in weight and convenient in construction.


    Company Profile

    Guangdong Orui House Technology Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2014, Guangdong Orui House Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Jingtai Group. It is a green architectural technology-based enterprise. Integrates in research, designing, production, assembly and supporting service of new fabricated buildings. Relying on around two decades of successful experience in the steel structure field of its parental company, the company has been dedicated to promotion and application of light steel structure integrated housing. With innovation, advanced technology, high quality and energy conservation and environment protection, to reach standardization, modularization and universalization of house building and large-scaled factory-like production. 【MORE】

    Ou Rui

    Villa Mall

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