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Product presentation

Box-type house building is a kind of industrial production, movable composite house. It has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, beauty, economy, speed and efficiency. 

1,specification parameter 

external dimension
Standard Container (20 feet)605824382591
Non-Standard Container (10 feet)302924382591
Non-Standard Container (16 feet)487624382591
Non-Standard Container605829902591
Non-Standard Container605848762591
Non-Standard Container605873142591

2,performance parameter

Main performance
Standard form
Ground live load2.0
Roof live load1.0
Seismic capacity8 degree
Wind resistance11 stage(allowable wind pressure 0.66kN/m2)
Allowable stacking layer number3
heat-insulating property (W/m2.K)roof0.39

3,Material configuration table

Standard form
Shaving patternColor steel type
Bottom frameSteel structural framing, with one couple of forklift slot and four corner fittings
Top frameSteel structural framing and 4 corner fittings welding as a whole
corner columnConnect steel structural bending piece and top frame bolt 
Floor board20mm Waterproof plywood , paste 1.6mm PVC commercial floor leather
wallboardColor steel outer plate, veneer particleboard inner board, filled rock cotton coreDouble colored steel sandwich board, core materials can be selected glass cotton, rock wool, etc.
Roof boarding

Color steel plate and top structure bite 

Inside ceiling panelVeneer particleboardDouble colored steel sandwich board, core materials can be selected glass cotton, rock wool, etc.
doorOne 830*2035 mm aluminium alloy door and steel door.
windowTwo 800*1200mm with Aluminium alloy shutter PVC inner open inner inverted windows.Two 800*1200mm plastic and steel push-pull windows ,with Anti-theft rod  and screen window.
circuitryTwo external electric supply sockets, one distribution box, four jacks and one switch, two fluorescent lamp
Remark: can be configured to have CCC, CE, UL, CAS, SAA,etc certified circuit material.

In addition to the standard configuration, you can also provide the following additional structures and accessories: additional roof; modular connector and sealing tape; inner and outer corridor, rain shed and staircase; exterior decoration; office and living furniture, integrated sanitary ware, Conventional appliances, etc. 

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