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ORUI Green Building Mall

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ORUI steel and wood structure house uses modern steel structure and traditional wood structure to combine a kind of hybrid structure mode house . Column , beam and other force components adopt steel structure form , and the use of wooden structure , including decorated ceiling , door and window , rail , stairs , etc . all use wooden structure , making the building have the traditional architectural style and more durable . 


1. Light weight ability, security and stability, less impact on the original building, suitable for reconstruction construction;

2. Good bearing capacity of channel keel ; 

3. Convenient construction and decoration

4. Maintenance period of staircase without cement;

5. Steel roof truss with steel chords and steel, straining beam, and force is reasonable, safety and rationality;

Natural environmental protection, high quality, texture nature, and long service life. Simple and generous style has strong practicability. The taste is not very big and quality is good.

Ou Rui

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